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Our innovative services and solutions are designed to help you achieve your big ambitions – and get measurable results.

Nexans is leveraging its DNA in cabling and electrical systems to create a new generation of innovative services and solutions for customers.

The portfolio of solutions covers usages throughout the entire project lifecycle (early engineering and design phase; project construction phase; maintenance; asset management operations), covering a wide range of activities:

  • Supply chain and operation services;
  • Digital solutions;
  • Engineering services and systems;
  • Asset management.

Our mission is to design, build and industrialize innovative solutions that meet the unmet needs of our customers. To achieve this, we make extensive use of digital technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). We also run a network of partners ranging from startups to multinational groups.

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Supply chain and operations services

Supply chain and operations services provide you with unprecedented real time visibility and control over your assets – all around the world.

Smart Inventory Management (SIM)
  • Your need: monitor, manage and optimize cable stocks in real time. Release the working capital tied up in inventories.
  • Our answer: Smart Inventory Management uses RFID tracking and the cloud to provide 24/7 visibility of physical cable stocks. Generate productivity gains with features such as automatic stock replenishment or fast inventory counts (mean stocktaking can be done in minutes, rather than hours or days).
  • Your benefits: SIM reduces the operating working capital requirement associated with inventory by an average of 50%. 



Digital solutions

Our innovative digital solutions allow you to improve your processes and extract more value from your portfolio of remote assets, whether these are on the construction site or under operation.

Connected Drums
  • Your need: keep track of cable drums, particularly on remote and scattered sites.

  • Our answer: Connected Drums leverages IoT technologies to provide round-the-clock drum tracking, including theft detection. And thanks to AI and edge computing, each drum “knows” exactly how much cable remains on the reel and “asks” for a pickup when it is empty.

  • Your benefits: Connected Drums is saving one utility customer $200,000 of operating costs per year, and eradicating cable theft and loss.



Engineering Services & Systems

Nexans’ innovative engineering services and systems are helping turn the energy transition into a reality – and driving down the costs of delivery.

Resident engineer
  • Your need: React to constant pressure to reduce manufacturing and deployment costs – particularly in fiercely competitive sectors such as offshore wind.
  • Our answer: With our resident engineer program, we work hand in hand with the customer to analyze existing designs, reduce complexity and identify optimization opportunities in cabling systems.
  • Your benefits: This approach delivers fast and tangible results: choosing suitable cable cuts the cost of energy, reduces the budget and accelerates time to market – all improving the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).



Front-end Engineering Design (FEED) for renewable farms
  • Your need: Build renewable farms with optimal compromise in terms of total cost, long term reliability and power efficiency. The power collector system that brings the energy to the grid is a critical and complex component requiring upmost attention.
  • Our answer: Nexans’ FEED for renewable farms helps balance the cost, reliability and efficiency of the cabling in renewable energy projects. Our engineers work alongside the customer to optimize cable sizing, routing, trenching civil works and to reduce complexity.
  • Your benefits: 5-10% savings on total expenses (operating expenses and capital expenses) for large onshore windfarms while reducing the losses of power not distributed to the grid.


Asset management

Electricity distribution networks are at the front line of the energy transition. Our innovative asset management platform helps grid operators to prepare their networks for the future.

Asset Electrical
  • Your need: to address the multiple challenges facing DSOs, including aging assets, the rise of decentralized and intermittent generation and new sources of demand.
  • Our answer: Asset Electrical is a digital asset management platform that strikes the best balance between performance, operating expenditure, capital expenditure and risk. It works by creating a “digital twin” of your network, making it possible to create simulations easily and ultimately make the right decisions.
  • Your benefits: Using our unique scenario analysis and asset health management features, utilities can optimize renewal and maintenance policies and save more than 10% of total expenditure while maintaining their standards of quality of service and grid reliability.



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