Festoon applications

  • PVC Flat cables (H07VVH6-F)
  • Rubber flat cables (Rheyflat® N)
  • Rubber round cables (Rheyfestoon®)
  • Rubber-sheathed optical fiber (Rheycord® OFE M or R)

Special Applications

  • Pendant cables (Boitalyon, Rheyflex® PN)
  • Rubber spreader cables (Rheycord® RTS)

Reeling applications

  • Standard reeling cables (Buflex)
  • Heavy duty rubber cables (Rheycord®and Rheycord® RTS)
  • High-stress rubber cables (Rheyfirm® RTS)
  • Reeling and strong reeling rubber optical fiber (Rheycord® OFE R and SR)
  • Flat reeling cables (Rheyfirm® Flat)