Energy networks / building infrastructure

  • HV/MV XLPE underground cables and joints
  • LV and MV cables
  • Fire-performance cables
  • Heating cables and mats

Airfield ground lighting

  • Primary circuit (5 kV)
  • Secondary circuit

Baggage handling systems

  • Flexible halogen-free control and power cables
  • Flexible halogen-free bus cables
  • Plastic optical fiber
  • Flexible PVC control and power cables

Communication network

  • LAN/WAN cabling systems
  • Active equipment, networking systems and accessories
  • Optical fiber cables and interconnecting components
  • Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM)
  • Bus, Batibus and Profibus cables
  • VDI, CCTV and VOIP cables

Bridge cabling systems

  • Bridge cables

Aircraft powering cabling systems

  • 400 Hertz cables